Roundup: Miley Cyrus Cheating Rumors; Stock Market Nosedive; Jacked Kristaps Porzingis

Kyle Koster

At least six police officers shot in Philadelphia standoff …  The Moscow Mitch nickname is decidedly lame … The Cowboys want Ezekiel Elliott to be in the best shape of his life … Stan Van Gundy headed to Turner Sports … Why isn’t Colin Kaepernick involved in this … Where will the fourth season of Handmaids Tale pick up … Steve King doing Steve King things … Chef is suing Antonio Brown for $38K … Michael Avenatti poised to blow the lid off this whole Nike thing … Sanitation worker concocts legendary scheme to avoid tickets, and it doesn’t work … Kristaps Porzingis is looking more muscle-bound … Stock market takes nosedive … Ashley Graham pregnant … Doesn’t sound like Bryson Dechambeau wants to fight Brooks Koepka … And now the Miley Cyrus-Liam Hemsworth breakup is getting nasty.

There’s no good way to sum up this off-the-rails interview with Jeffrey Epstien’s former bodyguard so you should probably just read it. [New York Magazine]

Skip Bayless will have you believe that he believes everything that he argues. [Newsday]

Get a load of this intellectual titan. Big Brain on Ben.

Nate Diaz out there acting like Michael Scott at an Alicia Keys concert.