Roundup: Mike Gundy Wanted That Gear; Layoffs at Vox; Future of Sports Media

Kyle Koster
Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

Disturbing Rachel Nichols story ... The 10 most popular movies on Netflix ... Bernie Williams continues to be undervalued ... Mike Gundy was all about that free OAN gear ... Dakota Johnson detectives are on the case ... Do the Paul kids exist solely to get into trouble ... Getting a COVID test is still a harrowing experience in many parts of the country ... Vox Media readying more layoffs ... Seven most intriguing NBA players returning ... Investigation at the LA Times ... IT's probably fine that all the hospitalization data is disappeared ... Detroit sports radio shakeup ... Johnny Bananas is the GOAT ... Christopher Dickey dies at 68 ... Decreasing confidence in an NFL season ... Boy in stable condition after shark pulls him from boat ... Statues are the most important issuing facing the country right now ...

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