Roundup: Michelle Williams Engaged; Police Officer Faked It; Urban Meyer vs. ESPN

Kyle Koster
Michelle Williams
Michelle Williams / Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Tom Brady as quarterback of the Los Angeles Chargers in 2020 ... Tensions getting even hotter in the Mideast ... Adam Gase burner account allegation gets way more wild ... Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett have a second meeting ... WGN got out of the sporting game ... Police officer resigns in disgrace after faking coffee cup insult ... Georgia Tech football recruit dies after being struck by a train ... Michelle Williams pregnant and engaged ... Alex Trebek is still fighting ... Big Ten still litigating the Ohio State-Clemson fumble call ... Monty Python collaborator Neil Innes dies at 75 ... Oh, look, the Patriots have a chip on their shoulders ... 12 bacon facts for the bacon boys and girls out there ... Hershey's Kissmobile retiring

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You have to be kidding me.