Roundup: Mayor of Seoul Found Dead; College Football in Real Trouble; Mets' Bidding Continues

Kyle Koster
Debra L Rothenberg/Getty Images

COVID outbreak at Jacksonville TV station ... Always illuminating to see which tech companies are aiding the police ... Yellow paint is cheap ... There is something oddly comforting about getting periodic fitness updates from the Kardashians .... What timing for this project ... Big Ten football going conference-only, probably isn't going to happen ... Joel Embiid taking no chances while entering bubble ... Joe Biden's youth problem ... Guidance changed for Roger Stone to report to prison ... Michael Cohen also going back ... Mayor of Seoul found dead after daughter reports him missing ... Suspects arrested in Pop Smoke shooting ... Sur La Table files for bankruptcy ... Naya Rivera presumed dead ... Steve Cohen puts in a bid on the Mets ...

Major League Baseball went ahead and announced its 2021 schedule today. [CBS Sports]

There probably won't be any non-conference college football this year. [The Big Lead]

A fond farewell to this weird defensive switch in baseball. [The Ringer]

Getting fired for Rick-Rolling a work Zoom would be a funny way to go. [Mental Floss]

10 NFL coaches under the most pressure. [Fansided]

Jay-Z's company laid off employees, still collected a ton of PPP money. [Variety]

Eyewitness reports from within the bubble are going to be incredibly compelling.

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