Roundup: Martin Scorsese's Op-Ed; Dan Mullen's Wife Kisses Everyone; Sarcasm is Good

Kyle Koster
"Farming" New York Screening
"Farming" New York Screening / Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

If Martin Scorsese doesn't like your movie, just get over it ... Matthew Stafford is in an unwinnable game ... Becoming increasingly more likely Donald Trump will have to cough up his taxes ... The hunt for the Anonymous White House author is on ... LSU sack leader Michael Divinity no longer with the team ... It has been zero days since G/O Media made an inexplicably bad decision ... Did not know this about Dan Mullen's wife ... White supremacist's terror plot thwarted ... Rage Against the Machine back ... Kareem Hunt coming to the Cleveland Browns ... Animals on the field are always good ... Kate Beckinsale's divorce finalized

Being sarcastic can be good for your health. Not being sarcastic. [Mental Floss]

Hasta la vista to any hope of The Terminator being a hit at the box office. [Variety]

Hard to believe Kurt Suzuki could be this naive but here we are. [USA Today]

The shortfalls of 28-day rehab, which is still very popular. [Huffington Post]

Macklemore is getting into magic, which is a sentence I didn't anticipate typing. [Uproxx]

Nephew Kyle's stuff bangs and doesn't sound anti-union to me. [Reddit]