Roundup: Lion King Big Box Office, Buzzfeed Recognizes Union, Blue Chips Oral History

Ryan Glasspiegel

Tessa Thompson, who will play Marvel’s first LBGTQ superhero … The Lion King got bad reviews, but it still grossed $185 million in its opening weekend … More good news for Disney: Avengers Endgame will pass Avatar as the highest grossing movie of all-time … “Woodstock 50: How the golden anniversary festival went off track” … Buzzfeed recognizes labor union … Utah boy sells beer on the street with the fine print being that it’s root beer … The best doner kabab in the world is in Berlin … Former NASA intern re-sells moon landing tapes for $1.8 million … Reviewing the KFC Cheetos sandwich … “Expedia customer fights for $1,000 refund after being mistakenly told his flight was cancelled” … Four juvenile inmates stage a fight, overpower staffers, escape in Florida … Live Nation admits to listing tickets directly on secondary market … Remembering Barry Sanders retiring 20 years ago and all hell breaking loose.

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