Roundup: Large Man Lifts Insane Amount of Weight; Jared Kushner Speaks; Padma Drinks

Kyle Koster
Stacy's Rise Project Winner Celebration With Padma Lakshmi
Stacy's Rise Project Winner Celebration With Padma Lakshmi / Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images

And now we have a massive hornet to worry about ... Quarterback Kellen Mond has big dreams for Texas A&M ... The Flowbee ruled ... P.J. Walker will miss the XFL, which made him a star ... Still something special about a manual transmission ... The return of Tremendous Upside Potential ... Jon Hamm is really one of our most likable humans ... Could Kendall Jenner's ballers beat the 97-98 Bulls ... Bernie Miklasz out at 101 ESPN ... Who should target Leonard Fournette ... Real World Seasons, ranked ... Pretty illuminating and thorough look at the response to the pandemic from the White House ... Unprecedented hunger crisis will only get worse ... Truly psychotic behavior rewarded ... Hafthor Bjornsson sets world record by deadlifting over 1,100 pounds ... Secretariat wins virtual Kentucky Derby; actual Secretariat could not be reached for comment ... Actual COVID-19 death count could already be over 100K ... Bears fans don't have to defend Mitch Trubisky anymore ...

Normal People is excelling in the sex scene department. [Vulture]

What type of person is going to subject themselves to all this just to see a movie? [IndieWire]

Some rather unlikely people are coming to Joe Biden's defense and it's unclear if that's a good thing. [New York Post]

Padma speaks for all of us.

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