Roundup: Kylie Jenner Tanks Snapchat Stock, Taco Bell Passes Burger King, Michael B. Jordan

Ryan Glasspiegel

Janelle Monae … Former NFL player murdered by suspected trio of cocaine and heroin dealers … UPS making its own electric delivery vans … “Quincy Jones is very sorry for some of the things he said” … Drake closing in on deal with Adidas? … New Air Pods will be water resistant but it doesn’t sound like you can swim with them … There is going to be a biopic about the guy who created Flamin’ Hot Cheetos … Shouldn’t Tennessee have a football season where they don’t vomit all over themselves before raising ticket prices? … VP Pence winds down on Friday nights by eating pizza and drinking O’Doul’s … What the Warriors will be doing in DC in lieu of a White House visit … 91-year-old in 15-mile police chase because he thought the arresting officer was a snow truck.

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Taco Bell has passed Burger King as the fourth biggest restaurant chain, trailing McDonald’s, Subway, and Starbucks (side note: Should Starbucks count for the purposes of this list?) [Ad Age]

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