Roundup: Kim Jong-un Close to Death; Tom Brady Breaking Rules; Impressively Large Baby

Kyle Koster
Kim Jong-un
Kim Jong-un / Handout/Getty Images

Kim Jong-un is in grave danger, may already be dead after surgery ... All New York City events canceled through June ... There has never been more sports news ... North Korea says they have zero coronavirus cases ... Oil stocks go full Bret Easton Ellis ... Eli Manning coming out of retirement would be hilarious ... Listen to Teddy KGB and pay that man his money ... Of course the murder suspect went to the beach ... The Onion remains undefeated ... Some bleak Big Brother stuff happening here with Whole Foods ... Jeffrey Okudah is going to look great in a Lions uniform ... Donald Trump to suspend immigration temporarily ... Giant baby rules the internet ... Babyface and Teddy joined forces to briefly and mildly entertain on a live stream ....

Such a good piece on trying to suddenly take on a second job as a kindergarten teacher. [The Ringer]

Rob Gronkowski is at least keeping the door open to a return. [Fansided]

Tom Brady continues to operate as if the rules don't apply to him. [Tampa Bay Times]

13 Sesame Street song parodies that speak to your inner Weird Al. [Mental Floss]

No one is forcing the NFL to do the draft right now -- or like this. [The Big Lead]

Coach Duggerton's offense hit the ground running at USC, which is now 2-0. [Barstool Sports]

OK, so if you did not follow the link to the large baby, please close your eyes and imagine an approximate size. Now open them and scroll down because I promise your expectations will be exceeded.




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