Roundup: Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom Expecting a Girl; H-O-R-S-E Instead of NBA; Louis CK Trying to Come Back

Kyle Koster
Phillip Faraone/Getty Images

Coronavirus is bringing out the best in Mike Francesa ... Tough break for David Schuster, who is a bit of an institution ... Quarantined with Larry David ... Joe Buck believes there will be a baseball season ... The two Americas still exist in silos ... 77-yard practice field goal reflects a sad state of highlights ... Vanessa Bryant on Kobe's Hall of Fame nod ... Running a marathon in a confined space is weird ... Still think it's a longshot the NFL starts on time ... Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are expecting a baby girl ... Louis CK is back, kinda ... NBA and ESPN working together on a H-O-R-S-E event ... Several Disney movies were actually about social distancing ... Georgia has somehow reopened its beaches ...

This global COVID-19 tracker is a useful tool. [Reuters]

There is literally no better time to dive into a Teddy Roosevelt podcast. [Mental Floss]

We did not get to this horrible place without a myriad of mistakes. Tough, sobering read. [Washington Post]

RIP Tom Dempsey. [Yahoo Sports]