Roundup: Justice League Snyder Cut Coming to HBO Max; Parallel Universe Maybe Discovered

Stephen Douglas
Timothy Olyphant's birthday was yesterday. 'Justified' is on Hulu.
Timothy Olyphant's birthday was yesterday. 'Justified' is on Hulu. / David Livingston/Getty Images

Zack Snyder's cut of Justice League will be on HBO Max in 2021 ... there may be a parallel universe to ours ... updates on the floods from failing dams in Michigan ... Donald Trump is threatening to cut state funding over false claims of voter fraud (during a pandemic) ... the CDC released guidelines for reopening the country ... Kelly Loeffler's husband donated $1 million to support Trump's reelection campaign ... a gunman with an AR-15 shot up an Arizona mall last night .... the Trump administration has a hard stop date for National Guard members helping with coronavirus tests so they don't have to pay them benefits ... delays in the lockdown resulted in at least 36,000 deaths ... Ontario is considering letting businesses do their own testing ... the first look at the new version of Stephen King's The Stand ...

An NFL player is suing United Airlines over sexual harassment. [ESPN]

Karl Malone has a story about Shaq slapping the contacts out of Greg Ostertag's head. [Uproxx]

Aldon Smith has been reinstated. [NFL]

During their first workout, Tom Brady showed Ryan Jensen how to fold and powder his towel to avoid a sweaty butt. [Yahoo!]

Lee Westwood will not be participating in PGA events under current circumstances. [ESPN]

There has been a coronavirus outbreak at Bryant-Denny Stadium during construction. []

This clip is real in the parallel universe where time is going backwards.

Megan Fox is in the new Machine Gun Kelly music video.