Roundup: Jonah Hill to Play Jerry Garcia; Julies Jones Sentence Commuted; MSNBC Banned From Rittenhouse Trial

Liam McKeone
Jonah Hill
Jonah Hill / Matthias Nareyek/GettyImages

Jonah Hill will play Jerry Garcia in a Martin Scorsese-directed film on The Grateful Dead... Julius Jones' death sentence was commuted to life without parole... MSNBC banned from the Kyle Rittenhouse trial courtroom... First-ever cashierless Starbucks is now open in NYC... Man banned from all-you-can-eat BBQ for eating too much... NBA GMs forming association amid Blazers probe... California couple vanishes after stealing millions in COVID-19 relief fund... Two men convicted of killing Malcolm X exonerated... City of Aurora will pay $15 million settlement over death of Elijah McClain... Ann Arbor becomes first city in U.S. to require tampons, pads in all public restrooms... Lewis Hamilton calls for Qatar and Saudi Arabia to be scrutinized over human rights issues... Florida set to become first state to fine businesses over vaccine mandates...

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First trailer. Should be interesting.

This is going to be very silly. I'm going to enjoy it.

ICYMI from yesterday. These are good. Not Game of Zones good, but nothing is, really.

Big day, folks. Let's get after it.