Roundup: Joe Biden Names Kamala Harris As His VP; Deion Sanders Leaving NFL Network; Meteor Showers Are Cool

Liam McKeone
Kamala Harris
Kamala Harris / Mason Trinca/Getty Images

Kamala Harris will be Joe Biden's vice president on the 2020 Democratic ticket... Deion Sanders decides to leave NFL Network after his contract expires... Dua Lipa asks old people about Dua Lipa... Georgia school district forced to quarantine 850 students and teachers after first week of reopening... Peresid Meteor Shower pretty sweet... Kanye West campaign in dispute with state of Wisconsin... Big Ten and PAC-12 hope to play football in the spring... Ghislaine Maxwell petitions judge over jail restrictions... LaKeith Stanfield is fine, thank God... You can rent the last Blockbuster in the world on AirBnB, what about West Coast Video, I ask... D'Angelo Hall will be a part of Washington's new NFL broadcast team... Kanye West campaign demands proof that Mickey Mouse didn't sign his ballot petition... Retail stores abandoning Manhattan en masse... This grandma has 88 great grandchildren and just turned 100... Apparently crocodiles the size of buses used to roam the Earth

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How teams handle testing and whatnot will be the most interesting part of Hard Knocks this year.

New character bay-bee, let's get hype!

Like I said, this album groovy as hell, man.