Roundup: Jeffrey Toobin's Nightmarish Zoom Call; Joe Buck and Troy Aikman Have a Point; Andy Dalton Bad

Kyle Koster
Paul Marotta/Getty Images

... Jeffrey Toobin somehow managed to show his manhood on a work Zoom call and the logistics are important ... How is it possible that there's another presidential debate scheduled .... There is no plan to combat the coronavirus, if there ever has been .... More smart moves like this from football coaches would be great .... Bill Belichick with high praise for George Kittle ... Some personal news ... Season of the vaccuum cleaner in the Big Ten ... Joe Buck and Troy Aikman crack wise about military flyovers .... Keith Olbermann likened working with Chris Matthews to a toddler who might burn down the house ....

It wouldn't be an even year without rumors of Auburn replacing Gus Malzahn. [CBS Sports]

Team Trump is trying to discredit NBC News' Kristen Welker. [Vanity Fair]

World briefly denied access to Charlie Kirk's immediate thoughts. [Newsweek]

It was only two days ago that people were arguing Andy Dalton could lead the Dallas Cowboys to a division crown. [Star-Telegram]

The darkest American Pie sequel yet.

Speaking of hornball movies from the 1990s.

Adam Duritz flew closer to the sun than anyone.