Roundup: Is Herd Immunity Really the New Plan; Vin Scully Logs On; Tesla Stock Up

Kyle Koster
Georgetown Coach John Thompson
Georgetown Coach John Thompson / George Gojkovich/Getty Images

Herd immunity believer gaining power, which isn't great for millions of people who want to stay alive ... Mark Cuban is proud of who the Dallas Mavericks are ... Hopes of a college basketball bubble have not burst ... The Detroit Baseball Tigers are actually in playoff contention .... Pac-12 presidents seeking a major overhaul in power structure ... Troubling news for Aaron Jones fantasy football owners ... How long until the Patriots snatch up Leonard Fournette ... Sean McDonough has a new deal with ESPN ... Coronavirus vaccines developed in Russia and China may not be particularly effective ... Ron Jeremy charged with 20 more counts of sexual assault ... What's Bill Barr up to now ... Alvin Kamara absent ... New uniforms for the Charlotte Hornets ... Tesla stock rockets through roof ...

John Thompson was a towering figure on and off the court. [Washington Post]

Vin Scully is joining Twitter. [USA Today]

Bruce Levine back at the score after bad tweet. [Robert Feder]

Brandy and Monica are still collaborating? What year is this? How long have I been asleep? [Entertainment Tonight]

Can we trust NBC with the U.S. Open after this past weekend's debacle? [The Big Lead]

Nolan Arenado boggles the mind.

Deleted scene from The Rocketeer.

Kacey Musgraves -- Blowin' Smoke