Roundup: Inch a Huge Difference for Penix; Mike Pence's Inner Circle Tests Positive; Is The Vow Good?

Kyle Koster
Joe Robbins/Getty Images

... Members of Mike Pence's inner circle test positive ... Michigan football, dare we see, looked really good ... Star Alabama wide receiver Jaylen Waddle out with season-ending injury ... 12 memorable moments from The Vow, which is either a really good show or tremendous collapse of storytelling .... Donald Trump is not a card-carrying member of the Sacha Baron Cohen fan club .... American people likely to accept outcome of the election .... Tim Heidecker and the worst set imaginable ... No reason to be alarmed by any of this, it's just the biggest wave yet with no end in sight ...

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Doesn't get more pure than this.

Indiana's incredible courage and a matter of inches earned them an upset over Penn State.

SNL's political stuff remains a tough watch.