Roundup: Impeachment Rules; D'Eriq King to Miami; The Banana Incident

Kyle Koster
Kaitlyn Bristowe
Kaitlyn Bristowe / Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images

NBC Peacock is a cool name ... Vladimir Putin certainly knows how to get what he wants ... Chicago Tribune staffers seek new owners, fear for the future ... The best states to retire in ... Questions surround Aaron Rodgers ... Parity in college basketball is a good thing ... The New York Times got it wrong on Bernie ... Mets remain a mess ... D'Eriq King transfers to Miami ... Elephant wanders around hotel ... Credit scores are very important ... Impeachment rules laid out, McConnell moves for swift acquittal ... Joe Montana extremely confident headed into Super Bowl ... Not what you want your pilot doing before taking off ... James Harden went 1-for-17 from three-point range ... Kaitlyn Bristowe playing Bachelor cleanup.

Kramer's ball boy tryouts did not include peeling a banana, so you know it's not actually part of the gig.

Marcus Smart, elite vision.

When you're trying to cut out sugar but it's a bit addictive.