Roundup: Hurricane Dorian Forecast, 100 Iconic NFL Photos, 22,000 AT&T Workers Strike

Ryan Glasspiegel

Sofia Richie, who partied in Vegaswith Scott Disick and Kylie Jenner for her 21st birthday … Hurricane Dorian forecast … 22,000 AT&T workers across nine states go on strike … “Kentucky principal charged with 30 counts related to child pornography” … Bay Area landlord staged a home invasion to try to scare off tenants … Mel B’s ex-husband asks judge for child support raise, believing Spice Girls tour is a windfall … “Retiring Congressman to rely on pre-existing condition protections he voted to repeal” … Chicago woman was blocked from visiting son in critical condition from mass shooting for nine days … Shark Tank judge Kevin O’Leary was in a passenger in a boat driven by his wife that collided with another boat; two passengers in the other boat died … Ric Flair says now is the best time to be a wrestler since the Monday Night Wars … Controversial change to AP Stylebook. 

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An incoming Palestinian Harvard student from was deported after immigration officers found anti-American social media postings not from him but on his friends’ feeds [Crimson]

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