Roundup: Hold Onto Your Seats, Folks; East Coast Pizza Fight; COPS Back

Kyle Koster
Win McNamee/Getty Images

Good luck keeping up with Donald Trump's latest COVID developments ... 102-year-old woman not about to let some little global pandemic stop her from voting ... COPS resumes production ... Jessica Mendoza is fueled by this ... New Jersey pizza actually is better than Connecticut pizza ... Nothing worse than when your sport has to switch channels ... Bobby Bowden tests positive ... So does Kayleigh McEnany ... VP candidates will be separated by plexiglass at debate ... CDC changes guidance once again ... Michael Holley on time, change, and a show a long time in the making ... Maybe don't compare lives with Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling ... Rudy Giuliani coughed his way through an anti-mask diatribe ...

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Catching is so important.

Breathing and standing very normally and strongly.

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