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Roundup: Google Workers Unionizing; Josh Jacobs' DUI; Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles Romance

Kyle Koster
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Google workers launching a union ... Extremely hot new member of Congress ... Justin Fields expected to play ... Josh Jacobs arrested for DUI, injured in wreck ... Ironing out the numerous kinks in the vaccination rollout would be a terrific thing to have happen ... Dominion is going to rack up so much money through lawsuits ... IRS payments going out largely without incident ... Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles seen canoodling ... Entire NCAA Tournament to be held in Indy ... Cleveland Browns' playoff-clinching play an homage to Colin Cowherd ... Emma Stone is pregnant ...

Slack went down on the world ground to a halt. [The Verge]

As a society, we spend far too little time thinking about jeans. [Mental Floss]

John Elway is relinquishing his general manager's role. [Sports Illustrated]

Football felt normal for once. [Barrett Sports Media]

Regret to inform you that the Whole Foods guy doesn't get it. [CNBC]

Rumors of Tanya Roberts' demise have been greatly exaggerated. [TMZ]

How Major League Baseball missed the mark with marijuana, and how they've adapted. [The Athletic]

Here's the full Dan Le Batard Show from yesterday, his last on ESPN.

Turtle Shirt — Saturday Night Live

If We Were Vampires — Jason Isbell