Roundup: Finally, Some Good News; New England Patriots Not Dead Yet; College Hoops Polls

Kyle Koster
David Dee Delgado/Getty Images

... Sterling Brown settles with city of Milwaukee for $750K ... Man who appeared at the Four Seasons landscaping press conference a convicted sex offender ... Bear loses battle with submarine ... No stage is too big for Tua Tagovailoa ... Mark Esper terminated, may not remember it all ... Scooby-Doo creator Ken Spears dies at 82 ... Challenge accepted, the Detroit Lions defense can absolutely get worse ... Remembering Alex Trebek with a five-time champion ... College basketball polls are out ... Most of the ballots being challenged in Nevada are from the military ... Encouraging vaccine news from Pfizer ...

Overmanaging doomed the KT Wiz in their playoff opener. [Yonhap News Agency]

All of this seems like a dangerous game for Republicans to play. Worth considering the effects if they're wrong. [Washington Post]

Not above taking a virtual vacation? There are some good ones to explore. [Mental Floss]

Chris Nikic became the first athlete with Down syndrome to complete an Ironman Triathlon. [CBS News]

The New England Patriots looked terrible, yet still won. [NFL]

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