Roundup: FDA Expected to Authorize COVID Vaccine Pills; Kellog's Strike Ends; Free At-Home COVID Tests

COVID take-home test
COVID take-home test / Spencer Platt/GettyImages

FDA expected to authorize Pfizer vaccine pills this week... Kellog's union agrees to deal and end three-month strike... Lance Stephenson signs 10-day contract with Atlanta Hawks... Joe Biden announces government will purchase half-billion take-home COVID tests and give them out for free during holiday season... Officer Michael Fanone resigns from DC police force after Capitol riots continue to be downplayed... Lawrence Taylor pleads not guilty to felony charges in sex offender case... Fox tightens its vaccine rule, removing a test-out option for N.Y.C. office workers... NBA might have to reschedule Christmas games... China fines famous influencer $210 million for tax evasion... Fauci calls for Fox News host to be fired 'on the spot' for 'kill shot' comments... 81-year-old US Capitol rioter sentenced to three years of probation...

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