Roundup: Drake is King Streamer; Chicago Police Scandal; Kids Today Can't Do Math

Kyle Koster
2019 Christmas At The Grove: A Festive Tree Lighting
2019 Christmas At The Grove: A Festive Tree Lighting / Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images

Georgia and LSU will be a contrast in styles ... Booger McFarland's Minnesota gaffe ... Georgetown stars in some legal trouble ... That's just about enough from Gary Cohn ... This elk should run for public office ... New Black Widow trailer, if you're into that kind of thing ... Chicago police commissioner Eddie Johnson fired for scandalous behavior ... Don't look now but the Bucks are a juggernaut ... No reason for Rudy Giuiliani to be nervous right now ... Hunter Biden sure leads an interesting life ... The Onion remains undefeated ... Kate Beckinsale is how old?

American teenagers aren't getting better at science or math, which doesn't portend well for the future. [New York Times]

Post Malone won the streaming battle, but Drake won the streaming war. [Fast Company]

Not sure I buy that Melania Trump's pantsuits mean she's part of the resistance. [Mediaite]

25 gift ideas for that shut-in on your list. [Gear Patrol]

This is dead wrong. We are way too focused on the College Football Playoff already. [Yahoo]