Roundup: Down Goes Overstock; Cam Newton Inured; Tom Brady's Big Hat

Kyle Koster

Taylor Swift re-recording her entire catalog … Brock Huard on his new gig at Fox …  Overstock had a Mad King and we know that doesn’t work out so well … Some good may come of the Jim Harbaugh-Luke Fickell spat … Fatal fire at Paris hospital …South Korea and Japan no longer sharing intelligence … The advanced-age sex party scandal is a wild story …. Dale Earnhardt Jr. plans to keep on racing … Let’s check in on the Cash Me Outside girl … Ken Griffey Jr. will work the Yankees-Mariners game next week for ESPN … Angel is Fallen seems like a great way to kill a lazy few hours … Xander Schauffele was on fire during the opening round of the Tour Championship … Oh no, Bob Cousy is gonna get canceled … If you’re driving one of these cars, you likely have some speeding tickets … Weird coincidences keep happening with Eric Reid … Cam Newton sprains his ankle.

Coyote-loving guy with the thick mustache has a name, a backstory. [Chicago Tribune]

Hear me out: an 80-yard field for every game. [ESPN]

At this point there is no Miley Cyrus story that you could come up with that wouldn’t be moderately believable. [Hollywood Reporter]

Can’t even imagine how many bad parody accounts Tom Brady’s hat has by now.