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Roundup: Donald Trump Acquitted; Dale Earnhardt Documentary; Earthquake in Japan

Kyle Koster
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Republicans save Donald Trump once again ... ESPN's Dale Earnhardt documentary explores his life and legacy 20 years after his death ... Some more thoughts on how CBS handled the Britt Reid story during the Super Bowl ... Louis DeJoy continues his work of actively destroying the Postal Service ... Examining Trevor Bauer's unique contract details ... Liverpool melts down in spectacular fashion ... Does anyone want Thursday Night Football ... Strong earthquake rocks Japan ... Iowa thoroughly embarrasses Michigan State, Spartans not likely to make NCAA Tournament ...

Chase Elliott could be at the beginning of something very special. [Yahoo]

Mitch McConnell is usually the smartest politician in the room, so he must think he can succeed at having it both ways. [The New York Times]

It seems like bringing 40,000 people into the Atlanta area for a cheer competition isn't the best of ideas. [WSB-TV]

Sen. Bill Cassidy, perhaps the most surprising Republican vote, quickly censured by Louisiana GOP. [LA GOP]

Phoebe Waller-Bridges and Donald Glover to create an interesting project. [The Verge]

Chris Harrison temporarily stepping away from the Bachelor franchise. [Buzzfeed News]

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