Roundup: Donald Sterling May Sell the Clippers to Magic Johnson, Tremendous Lacrosse Goal & Michelle Beadle Went to the Prom

By Jason McIntyre

Portland 123, Houston 120 in overtime. The Blazers lead, 3-1. Three of the four games in this series have gone into overtime. [Oregonian]

Doctor Jack Ramsey – former NBA coach and TV analyst – has died at the age of 89. [ESPN]

Mild surprise: Kyle Lowry scored 22 points and Toronto 87, Brooklyn 78. The series goes back to Canada tied at two. [Toronto Star]

How about this: Magic Johnson buys the Clippers from Donald Sterling. Everyone would win, right? [Yahoo Sports]

Pat Neshek, the St. Louis pitcher, is an avid baseball card collector. [Post Dispatch]

Sad story about an NHL player who left the sport when his wife was ill and died, and now has returned to hockey. [NY Post]

NBA owners are going to stand together against Donald Sterling, right? [San Jose Mercury News]

It’s Kentucky Derby week! [America’s Best Racing]

Antonio Brown of the Steelers took some shots at former teammate Ryan Clark. “I just think he was trying to make pointers and make himself sound smart on ESPN.” [Tribune]

“Matt Barnes and Jamal Crawford convinced their teammates to do the protest before they ran onto the floor for pregame warm-ups.” [Yahoo Sports]

This obviously isn’t the greatest lacrosse goal ever, but it’s really impressive.

It happens around the :31 mark, and it’s not terrible, so wait for it. [via Adam]

Boyhood: Now that’s a cool concept for a movie.

Worst beer pong dunk attempt I’ve ever seen. [via BroBible]