Roundup: Dismal Impeachment Polling for Donald Trump; Alex Trebek's Final Jeopardy

Kyle Koster
Premiere Of Paramount Pictures' "Wonder Park" - Arrivals
Premiere Of Paramount Pictures' "Wonder Park" - Arrivals / Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Half of Americans support removing Donald Trump from office right now ... Hey, the 49ers might be good ... New York Yankees breeze into ALCS ... Woj liked Daryl Morey's tweet ... Belle Delphine's latest stunt ... FBI says Samuel Little is most prolific American serial killer ... Elizabeth Warren is sticking to her story ... Ellen Degeneres defends friendship with George W. Bush ... 3-D printing a Lambo ... What if Baker Mayfield is all bark and no bite ... Mila Kunis wanted to be a real housewife ...

Alex Trebek is fearless as he nears the end. [Deadline]

Kendrick Perkins making a name for himself on television. [Boston]

Jimmy Carter is a badass at 95. [Time]

Adam Gase has no regrets. But should he have some regrets? [New York Daily News]

Something positive!

Trae Young, up to his old tricks.

This is surprising.