Roundup: Craig Sager Begins Leukemia Treatments; Florida Woman Bites Off Own Umbilical Cord; Foods Hipsters Love

By Mike Cardillo

Another reason why Facebook is the worst. [HyperVocal]

Cool graphical (GIF-aphical?) look at the fastest players in baseball. [The Score]

74-year-old Chicago man tries to rob bank so he’ll be sent back to prison. [AP]

“7 Ridiculous Words You Need to Add to Your Bro-cabulary” [Bro Bible]

People sure do go out of their way to overlook the White Sox, eh? [Sports on Earth]

Long, interesting story detailing the alleged bullying that went on at the URI softball team. [TurnTo10]

Which comedies are worthy of sequels/reboots? Which ones should be left alone? [Splitsider]

Some words about “sneaker heads.” [NYT]

“The Charlie Rowan story: Faked death, botched robbery, broken MMA dreams.” (Link is to an 18-minute video, FYI.)  [Fox Sports]

A list of the “22 Most Hipster Foods” (obviously it’s just looking for a reaction, like most Internet things.) [HuffPo]

Do you like fish sticks? Then here’s a post for you! [Motherboard]

Did Michael Jackson actually sing his parts on The Simpsons many years ago? [Spinoff]

I may have to read Andrea Pirlo’s autobiography. [the Sports Bible]

My kind of NBA playoff “preview.” [700 Level]

A dog doing parkour? Why not, it’s Friday, right?

Orange is the New Black Season Two Trailer.

Is anyone watching Review on Comedy Central? Underrated little gem there. Five stars.

The dude ranch from Nickolodean’s immortal Hey! Dude is now a ghost town or something.

Real Estate … with a great all-around video here, too bad nobody watches music videos anymore. Nobody complain about a double-dose of Andy Daly, ok.