Roundup: Coach Duggs Finally Wins the Big One; Major Supreme Court Decision; NFL's Acceptable Risk

Kyle Koster
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Coach Duggs is a national champion ... Ohio State and Alabama announce a home-and-home for 2027-2028 ... Older NBA coaches could get the short end of the stick ... You probably know this but there's not going to be a ton of new television in the fall ... Supreme Court rules on the side of DREAMers ... Bad dads who were still good dads ... Juneteenth could become a national holiday ... You know, the holiday Donald Trump made famous ... Illinois sports betting has gone mobile ... Most popular HBO comedies by state ... Lori Loughlin a bit apprehensive about the whole prison thing ... AMC won't enforce any mask policy ... Bob Baffert and galloping past scandal ... Rod Carew suggests canceling year ... SEC pressuring Mississippi to change its state flag ... Quibi sees this whole thing as a blessing, really ... Facebook taking down campaign ads

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