Roundup: Cam Newton vs Kelvin Benjamin; Epic Gambling Story; & America's 10 Best New Restaurants

By Jason McIntyre

Lais Ribeiro, a must-follow on Instagram … “With Chesapeake Bay waters rising, Tangier Island’s future is sinking” …Atlanta wants Amazon, badly … crazy headline “China Escalates Crackdown on Celebrity Pay” may generate outrage, but the story doesn’t totally match it … an Oklahoma middle school closed for two days after Facebook comments were made about a transgender student using a bathroom … “Coca-Cola Invests in BodyArmor as It Chases Gatorade” … would you pay a gym membership if it was $900 a month? … “While Music Streaming Sales Surge, Singers Still Get Paid a Song” … a lovely photo of two giraffes to start your day …

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Off to dinner

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Great look at what Chip Kelly’s running game could look like at UCLA. [Inside the Pylon]

America’s 10 best new restaurants in 2018. [Bon Appetit]

When you read this story about basketball journeyman Chris McCullough, just remember he left Syracuse after one year. [News 12]

Do you love gambling? This story is for you. It’s about a gambler who won a ton of money going after games most real gamblers ignore. [Cigar Aficionado]

It’s stories like this that prevent parents from letting their kids play football. He took a normal hit on the field, and his life will never be the same. [ESPN]

Two weeks late, but what a sad story about a man who tried to stop animal cruelty, and then was shot and killed. [Daily News Journal]

Cam Newton, dude. Enough with Kelvin Benjamin. He’s irrelevant.

This looks like a really bad shark movie.

I guess I shouldn’t ask if humans are really this dumb, but …

Terrifying bridge collapse in Italy that left at least 35 dead.