Roundup: Caddyshack in Real Life; Carole Baskin Awkwardness; Too Many Sports at Once

Kyle Koster
Pool/Getty Images

... Guy who had a small role in The Mighty Ducks running for president ... Dan Patrick on how SportsCenter took a toll over the years ... Signs of possible life on Venus ... A funny bit would be a high-level college football player who quit the team then came back every other week ... Caddyshack actor actually gets to caddie ... South Dakota's attorney general claimed he hit a deer with a car, but it was actually a person ... Colin Kaepernick not necessarily blown away by NFL's evolving attitudes ... Respect to the Kardashians for always finding an angle ... Andrew Gillum identifies as bisexual ... Florida men and women being hit with an influx of disinformation ... Paul Rudd is the hello, fellow kids guy ... Mike Pompeo seems teflon ...

At this point, is there anything new you could learn about Facebook that would surprise you? Have come to just assume all this. [Buzzfeed]

Drew Barrymore has a talk show. [Hollywood Reporter]

There are too many sports on right now. [Wall Street Journal]

Stephen Gostkowski goes from zero to hero. [USA Today]

The Carole Baskin experiment on DWTS is already quite uncomfortable. [Variety]

Impossibly bleak reality.

Trent Grisham homered in style, let the Dodgers know about it.

Chris Evans figures out something to do after accidentally tweeting out his groin.

The 1975 — It's Not Living If It's Not With You