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Roundup: Bryce Young Wins Heisman; Six Feet Under's Reboot; Almost Showtime for Lakers

Kyle Koster
Bryan Bedder/GettyImages

... Demaryius Thomas was uniquely talented on the football field -- and truly special in life ... CNN segment on extremism misses the mark ... Anyone else find the prospect of the world's strongest Nutcracker a bit terrifying .... Would love to see Keith Hernandez make the Hall of Fame ... Manny Diaz to Penn State ... Bon Iver made new music for a new movie ... Would you rather have Matthew Stafford or Kyler Murray ... Rod Wave alarms fans .... Bryce Young wins Heisman Trophy ... Aaron Rodgers' toe injury is expected to linger all year ... Urban Meyer to assistants: I'm a winner and you're all losers ...

Marcus Freeman is going to have everyone willing to run through a brick wall by the time all is said and done. [The Players' Tribune]

A follow-up to Six Feet Under is in the works. [Variety]

ESPN’s Mike Wilbon on saving Ben Simmons and criticizing Philly sports fans: ‘I don’t care what they say on WIP’. [Philadelphia Inquirer]

This Lakers show is going to be super interesting.

A new hero emerges.