Roundup: Brady Bunch Back; Ryan Toy Review In Hot Water; Sarah Palin's Divorce

Kyle Koster

We’re really getting the Brady Bunch back together …  Nothing, and I mean nothing, would make me happier than seeing the Ryan Toy Review crew do hard time … Todd and Sarah Palin headed for the big divorce … All-in on any and all Succession content … Odell Beckham in trouble for being too fashionable … John Legend & Chrissy Teigen vs. Donald Trump, who ya got … Fresh Prince of Bel Air actor John Wesley dies at 72 … Matt Millen’s return to the booth gets its own documentary … Kelly Clarkston has a new talk show which means now everyone has had their own talk show … Spy in Russia was recalled and the full story is wild … 8 things we learned from Monday Night Football … AT&T stonk did a thing … UPS is hiring 100,000 seasonal employees for the holidays

Alabama sure is whiny about playing a game of football at noon that they’re going to win. [Sports Illustrated]

The complicated return of Dennis Rodman, who has lived a unique life. [ESPN]

Marshawn Lynch co-founded an indoor football team, seems like a players’ owner for sure. [Mercury News]

This baseball landed on the moon.

Who is this for?

Dude, this is sick… and the Cowboys always seem to be ahead of everyone else.

— Leighton Vander-Fresh (@DCBlueStar) September 9, 2019