Roundup: Bill Burr's SNL Standup; Dan Mullen Wants More Fans; NFL Season on the Brink

Mark Brown/Getty Images

Deadly shooting in Denver as dueling protestors clash ... Bill Burr flirted with the line during his SNL monologue ... Toddler falls into scalding thermal water at Yellowstone ... New England Patriots facility shut down again after another positive test ... Mike Leach showing everyone why he's Mike Leach ... What can be done about our celebs ... Auburn Jesus showed up as he tends to do ... White House doctor says Donald Trump is ready to hit the campaign trail ...

Kim Jong Un shows off shiny new missiles. [NPR]

Nick Saban wondered aloud of perhaps Ole Miss had Alabama's signals. []

No matter what happens going forward, Jimmy Butler won the bubble. [Sports Illustrated]

Dan Mullen wants to pack The Swamp. [NY Post]

Saturday Night Live's cold open was ... well, it was something.

Phantom Planet — California