Roundup: Barry Sanders Not Associated With Beer; Disney Security Guards Very Serious; Gremlins 3 Coming

Kyle Koster
Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

... Disney security guards have challenge coins ... Another day, another sensible column pointing out that Matt Patricia has already overstayed his welcome ... Diving into Horse Girl canon ... Joe Biden's picks heavily scrutinized ... Patrick Quinn, co-founder of the ALS challenge, dies at 37 ... Rick Pitino wants the college basketball season moved back ... An OAN host has been helping Donald Trump with his legal challenges ... Bills tight end out for the season with COVID complications ... Gremlins 3 coming ... The Pittsburgh Steelers have a real shot at an undefeated season ...

Barry Sanders throws flag on Detroit brewery using his likeness without permission. [Detroit Free Press]

Peer pressure is going to make saying no to a devastating Thanksgiving gathering even more difficult. [The Atlantic]

David Dinkins, trailblazing New York City mayor and tremendous unseen Seinfeld character, dies at 93. [New York Post]

Maryland athletics launching its own Netflix competitor. [Washington Post]

Everyone wants a job in the Biden administration and it's getting nasty. [Politico]

Reinventing the wheel to run myself over.