Roundup: Bari Weiss Out at NYT; Kanye West Not Running For President; The Return of Banksy

Liam McKeone
A Banksy Piece
A Banksy Piece / Marco Di Lauro/Getty Images

Bari Weiss has tendered her resignation to the New York Times... Pretty sweet Nike x Grateful Dead kicks... Kanye West is not, in fact, running for president... Banksy art emerges on the Tube in London... A squirrel tested positive for the damn bubonic plague, please give us a break... Kevin Durant's ESPN show has been canceled... Texas Rangers furlough 12 percent of their employees... US rescinds order that would force international students to leave country if university classes aren't in person... First COVID vaccine poised for final testing in US... Video evidence undermines official accounts of injuries inflicted by police at George Floyd protests... Stanley Kubrick apparently made the Matrix sequels miserable to shoot... Spiked seltzer is in a category of its own when it comes to alcohol sales... 'Dancing With the Stars' taking a different direction... Yasiel Puig signs with Braves

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Super interesting hip-hop documentary here for those interested in that crossover.

This looks a lot like Just Cause and other Far Cry games, but Gus!

A combination of two of my favorite things: Brooklyn 99 and Binging With Babish! What a day for Liam. What a day.