Roundup: Barack Obama Had Sharp Words; RIP Fred Willard; Bryce Harper's Big Idea

Kyle Koster
Barack Obama
Barack Obama / Getty Images/Getty Images

Hackers trying some good old-fashioned extortion ... Another day, another totally not suspicious firing ... Bryce Harper may have had an edible before sharing these ideas ... Godwin's Law a helpful reminder ... Major League Baseball has a detailed safety plan ... New athletic director at UCLA ... Redskins wideout arrested ... A quick guide to the Bundesliga, because it's on TV ... Everything new on Netflix ... More pubs on wheels, please ... Ranking the most iconic NBA jerseys of the 1990s ... Miami enacts aggressive new anti-panhandling law ... Timothy Olyphant joining The Mandalorian ... That A-Rod video was weird ... Director Lynn Shelton dies at 54 ... Charles Davis on his big move ...

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