Roundup: Anthony Bourdain Commits Suicide; Scott Pruitt Loves His Lotion; It's Finally the Caps'


Anthony Bourdain dies at age  61 … Terrell Owens won’t attend his own Hall of Fame induction … Scott Pruitt is serious about his lotions … George Soros is secret part-owner of Justify … Anything is possible in this world if you are very, very hot … Don’t look now but Andrew Luck is thinking about throwing a real football … Facebook screwed up your privacy again … New Jersey moving predictably quick on sports betting legalization … Ridiculous lemonade incident now slightly less ridiculous … Majority of people in this study say kneeling NFL players aren’t unpatriotic … Behold the smoldering wreckage of the Sixers … The Herd officially welcomes Joy Taylor … Cleveland Cavaliers definitely looking to avoid a Game 4 … Rudy Giuliani has the moves … Las Vegas casinos dropping parking fees … Tailgate in this van … Kevin Durant coming back to the Warriors … Justice Department seizes reporter’s phone, email records … Alisha Boe

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