Roundup: Another Night of Chaos; SpaceX Off; J-Rod Still Eyeing the Mets

Kyle Koster
Chelsea Guglielmino/Getty Images

Most law enforcement don't live in areas where they work ... What long-term impact will COVID have on athletes who had it ... There's a push for the Vikings to sign Colin Kaepernick .. Jason Isbell's new album rules ... Probably would have been better if the NFL hasn't said anything ... Still get confused about all HBO's extras ... Derek Jeter's most iconic moments ... SpaceX launch goes smoothly ... Police officers plow into crowd in NYC ... Bill DeBlasio blames the protestors for it ...Rip Hamilton shares a story on Michael Jordan's thin skin ... People accidentally throwing out stimulus checks ... What's new on Netflix ... This is actually the worst Bachelor couple I can think of ... 2020 is bad enough without the return of the Krassenstein brothers ... Coach K's eventual replacement ... Butt in great shape ... Burns routs Woodley in UFC fight ...

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez still want to buy the New York Mets. [Sporting News]

Sam Darnold can only improve if his offensive line does. [Sports Illustrated]

NASCAR leaning into Facebook to boost at-home experience for fans on race day. [Front Office Sports]

The looming dread of the crisis multiplier. [New Yorker]

These people are just standing on their porch.

A lot of wisdom here.

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