Roundup: Amy Coney Barrett is a Mother to 7; Coronavirus Vaccine Paused; Braves-Rays World Series?

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... The case for canceling the Oscars ... Kyle Allen keeps getting jobs ... Probably not a good sign when you're bargaining with a cougar ... Bleak that we're still spending time and energy explaining that mask work ... CNN reporter responds to CNN sucks chant ... Johnson & Johnson pauses clinical trial after unexplained illness ... Adam Gase is in a dilemma ... It's Amazon Prime Day ... Amy Coney Barrett to be questioned by lawmakers today in confirmation hearing ... This is how The Affair started ... LeBron James is a worthy champion here on Earth-One ... Oh, so it could also be West Nile ...

The third wave of COVID is already here. [NYMag]

Manuel Margot had quite a day clearing fences. [MLB]

Mookie Betts draws comparisons to Willie Mays, which is quite a thing. [NY Times]

40 facts about Saturday Night Live on its 40th anniversary. [Mental Floss]

In a way, she's correct. Curling is often called chess on ice.

Oddly specific and accurate.

Elite athletes.

Fellow parents: do you like the Hot Dog Song? I want to hate it but it's so damn endearing?