Roundup: Airstrikes Continue in Israel; RIP Colt Brennan; TikTok Job Service Launch

Colt Brennan
Colt Brennan / Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Former Hawaii quarterback Colt Brennan passed away at the age of 37... TikTok launching a job hiring service to help Gen Z find employment, whatever that means... Israel ramps up airstrikes as barrage from Gaza continues... This football fish is beyond horrifying... On a related note, the ocean is way scarier than space... Anti-mask crowd considering wearing masks and social distancing to protect themselves from the vaccinated, I hate it here... Broadway may mandate vaccines for audience and workers... Five Yankees coaches test positive for COVID... Tom Cruise defends rant on 'Mission: Impossible' set... Man nabbed for ID theft in Fairfield county... Roosters are reportedly disappointing as chicken shortage grows... Gas shortages becoming big problem after pipeline hack... New York AG's lawsuit against NRA will move forward... Texas lawmakers approve bill banning 'meat' and 'beef' from labels of plant-based foods...

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Have no understanding of what this is about even after watching the trailer, so... I'm intrigued!

This, on the other hand, is very straightforward and I have no desire to see it but the concept is hilarious.

Never enough Gritty content.