Roundup: North Korea's Succession Plan; Tribute to Chris Mortensen; NBA's New Hope

Kyle Koster
Premiere Of ABC's "The Bachelor" Season 19 - Arrivals
Premiere Of ABC's "The Bachelor" Season 19 - Arrivals / Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Chris Mortensen just covered his 30th NFL Draft ... Joe Biden lays out some semblance of a plan while not choking on a peanut ... Some NBA teams will be able to return to their facilities on May 1 ... White House considering bouncing Alex Azar ... Who would replace Kim Jong Un ... As many as 80 percent of American children aren't seeing their pediatrician ... Patriots draft pick explains his tattoos rather unconvincingly ... Someone made Kliff Klingsbury's house out of Legos ... Jeff Goldblum made some comments about Islam ... Christian Bale movies, ranked ... Real bang-up investigation here ... It's still too early to know if people are actually drinking poison ... Bachelorette Clare out there creating drama ... DraftKings goes public ...

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