Rougned Odor Attempts to Bring 'Shorts' Back to Baseball


A baseball uniform is as historic and traditional as the game of baseball itself. The rules and the game has changed drastically since the late 1800s, yet the uniform all nine players on the diamond wear has remained essentially the same. They’re as symbolic as the game itself.

This doesn’t mean there haven’t been attempts to change the status quo, most notably in 1976, when the Chicago White Sox donned shorts for a game in early August. The style never caught on. Rougned Odor must have been taking notes, though. The Texas Rangers infielder improvised on Sunday and walked up to the plate wearing his own version of baseball shorts.

I’ll let you be the judge on how stylistically successful this is. I will say I admire the creativity. The question that must be answered, however, is the nature of whatever it is that Odor is wearing underneath the shorts. Are they exceptionally long socks? Baseball players have always rolled up the pants and covered their legs with socks, but he brings it to a whole new level. If they aren’t socks, did he don a pair of Ranger red tights, knowing he’d want to roll up the pants and give himself some breathing room?

Important knowledge to understand the full extent of Odor’s intentions.