Rory McIlroy's Dad Bet on Rory to Win The Open by Age 25 at 500-1 Odds

Stephen Douglas

Rory McIlroy has a 6-shot lead at The Open Championship going into the final round on Sunday. If he can hold on, he’ll have won three of the four Grand Slam titles by 25. The win will be worth $1.2 million for McIlroy. On top of that, it will be worth more than $300,000 for his father.

In 2004, when Rory was just 15, his father bet that he would win the British Open by 25. A bookie took four wagers from of £100 from Gerry McIlroy and three friends at 500/1 odds. If Rory holds on and the bet pays off tomorrow, Gerry and friends are looking at approximately $341,730 – or $85432.50 apiece – depending on whether or not Mr. McIlroy bought their action. This story first emerged when Rory won the US Open in 2011 when the bet was worth $306,351. 

I wonder how many guys have bet on their children to win professional sporting events and never collected?

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