Rory McIlroy Would Rather Retire Than Ever Join LIV Golf

Octavio Passos/GettyImages

Rory McIlroy got off to a great start at the Scottish Open on Thursday, posting a six-under 64 to be the morning clubhouse leader. Then he headed to the press room to face questions about LIV, the merger, and the general state of golf — probably the last thing he would want to do in the moment. We all know where he stands and yet reporters keep seeking further clarification.

A few days ago we learned there was a proposal for McIroy to captain a LIV team during a hearing in Washington, D.C. which, obviously, never came to be. McIlroy took a beat before answering, then explained that even if LIV were the only place to golf in the entire world, he'd still never join.

One of the precious few rays of sunshine in the merger that will inject the PGA Tour with Saudi money is that this dire scenario will never become a reality. I guess it's possible that he could provide a stronger answer in the future yet it seems like we finally have complete visibility on his stance. McIlroy and LIV are like oil and water and should be kept separate under all circumstances unless someone is seeking a juicy headline.