Random Dude Just Walks Up, Steals Rory McIlroy's Golf Club at Scottish Open

Kyle Koster
Mark Runnacles/Getty Images

Rory McIlroy and Jon Rahm were discussing something on the range before teeing off in the second round of the Scottish Open. A completely unremarkable scene. Until a fearless fan wandered into frame and got to work robbing Rory blind, right in front of his face.

The burglar, walking by briskly, attempted a snatch and grab but failed to properly pilfer one of McIlroy's woods, instead ripping off the dog-head cover. Without panicking and with Rahm and others looking on in disbelief, the guy returned to the scene and rummaged around until he got what he came for.

It was ... odd.

McIlroy was understandably dumbfounded. So is everyone who will see this clip today. It's like the Wet Bandits graduated to becoming the Wedge Bandits. This has to be the culmination of a dare that was never supposed to be accepted.

Just a remarkable week for lads trying to bring things home.