Rory McIlroy Says He's a Big Fan of Domino's

Ryan Phillips
Rory McIlroy, Payne's Valley Cup
Rory McIlroy, Payne's Valley Cup / Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Rory McIlroy is apparently a huge fan of Domino's pizza. Yes, you read that right. A wealthy, cultured, European golfer admitted to really liking the American pizza chain while mic'd up.

On Tuesday at the Payne's Valley Cup exhibition in Missouri, McIlroy was caught on mic telling Justin Thomas how much he likes what Domino's has to offer.

Check it out:

"Tell you what, we're on this big Domino's kick at the moment, it's so good. I swear to God."

Thomas' reaction says it all. That was hilarious.

Rory, man, you've got resources, have someone find out what the good local pizza is before you get to town. That's what your caddie is for! Put the guy to work.

Among the big American chains, I can't really give you my rankings because it's been a while since I've ordered from one of them. I have a few local places I like and stick to them. I last had Domino's years ago and I guess my review would be ... mildly edible?

McIlroy could do better.