Ronnie Perkins' Watch Party Erupted in a Champagne Celebration After the Patriots Picked Him

John E. Moore III/Getty Images

The New England Patriots selected Ronnie Perkins, a defensive end out of Oklahoma, with the 96th pick in the NFL Draft. Judging by the immediate post-pick reaction at Perkins' watch party, the assembled group had been locked in, ready to turn someone's living room into the visiting clubhouse after Game 5 of an American League Divisional Series.

Serious scientific studies have proven there is no better feeling in life than popping a champagne bottle and spraying it around. It's the most carefree and joyous mental space. We should all be doing it more, for even the most mundane of accomplishments.

Underrated part of this clip is the child wearing red who appears completely flabbergasted at the sequence of events unfolding only to be explained a soggy shirt is a small price to pay for a lifetime memory.