Ronde Barber is Headed to Fox Sports

By Jason McIntyre

Ronde Barber, who retired earlier this month after a sterling 16-year NFL career with the Tampa Bay Bucs, has already landed a TV job. He’s headed to Fox Sports.

Barber’s agent, Mark Lepselter, confirmed the Fox deal to me. “Ronde is excited to be joining the network,” he said. Lepselter wouldn’t elaborate on Barber’s role at Fox.

Fox Sports is rolling out its new TV channel, Fox Sports 1, in August, and it’s safe to assume we’ll see Barber on various programs as an NFL analyst. Will he be in the booth for football games on Fox this fall? Will they start him out on the sideline?

Last week, I reported Fox was closing in on two other former NFL players, Donovan McNabb and Trevor Pryce. It seems pretty clear Fox’s first order of business with the new network is to push the NFL and soccer. America’s No. 1 sport and the world’s No. 1 sport.