Ronda Rousey Yelled at a Fan For Asking Her About Sex, Then Laughed When an ESPN Achor Asked the Next Day [Video]

By Stephen Douglas

Ronda Rousey does not like it when non-talk show hosts ask her about her pre-fight sex routines. This video, taken by writer Eric Holden at a UFC World Tour stop, shows Rousey lecturing a fan who asked, “how often she has sex before her fights.” Rousey responded: “If your mother was standing behind you and heard you ask that question, what would she say to you?”

Yesterday, Rousey and Meisha Tate were in Bristol to continue their promotional tour. They squared off on SportsCenter and then Rousey sat down with ESPN News in the afternoon. I can’t tell who the anchor is, but he asks Rousey about her sex life. His voice cracks when he says sex and Rousey jokes about it. I wonder why no one ever asked Chael Sonnen about his sex life when he is promoting a fight?

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